In the light of Apple’s recent declaration to the US Congress that customer privacy is a ‘human right’, Apple will be ensuring that all third-party apps, both new and updates ones, should add a link to the app developer’s privacy policy.

Until this point, only subscription-based apps were expected to supply the privacy policy. Now, though, starting October 3, 2018, Apple will insist on explicit explanations of the policy, including information on what data is collected by the app, how it is collected, what happens to the collected data, how can users demand their data to be deleted.

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Artificial Intelligence, Real Innovation

When we think of AI, our minds immediately go to the sentient intelligences of Hollywood movies such as I-Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner, and Enter the Matrix. While free will and sentience might be some ways off, AI is expected to add a lot of functionality, and a host of other features to products and services. Organizations and think tanks all over the globe stand to gain a lot from researching AI, and other such emergent technologies. In 2017 alone, billions of dollars were invested into 100+ AI startups, according to statistics.

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Recently the software giant SAP created a partner consortium comprising seven major enterprises, including Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (HPE), UPS and A3 by Airbus SE, to facilitate its global supply chain platform.

The idea is to build applications for a cloud-based blockchain platform to track goods for the entire length of time from production to shipment as part of an integrated automated supply chain system.

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Filezilla, the open-source FTP client, is all set to offer users free online data storage at the same time allowing them to earn cryptocurrency.

Galoppini, director of strategy for FileZilla, stated that his service is geared to partner with Atlanta-based Storj Labs Inc.’s using its peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed storage platform that is facilitated via blockchain.

“People have been using FileZilla for free for so many years, it’s important to find a new service that, if it’s not free, it’s cheaper than anyone else,” said Galoppini.

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IT companies with a cause

Quite a few IT companies in 2018 are a combination of innovative assignments and social service. The branding campaign for Dignity health called Hello Humankindness gets to the hearts of the health care providing culture and doesn’t fail to keep the IT employees constantly joyous and engaged.

Inspiring IT workers to spread their wings when it comes to creative projects in areas like big data analytics and digitized patient experiences while also recommending participation in all the everyday acts of kindness. This is what distinguishes the dignity health culture from the other IT organizations. It also helped the Phoenix-based organization reach the No.32 in terms of ranking in the IT list of large companies on Computerworld’s 2018 best places to work at.

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